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N.A.R.D. Store



All Tee’s are $17.95 (100% Cotton) and available in Small, Medium, Large & XL.

Any shirts over XL are an extra $1.50 per “X”. Example: XXXL = $3.00 extra.

(PA residents add 6% sales tax)

                 NARD Shield Tee

          NARD Eagle Tee

        N.A.R.D. Drummer Tee

    N.A.R.D. Black & White Tee

For Official N.A.R.D. Clocks, Mugs, Hats & Tote Bags ... visit :

and click ... here


The following books are available through

Black River Music Plus

but are not Official N.A.R.D. products:

America’s N.A.R.D.


Order ... here

The Art of Drumming

by J. Burns Moore

Order ... here

Wm. F. Ludwig

Collection Drum Solos

Order ... here

The Ludwig

Drum & Bugle Manual

Order ... here

Stick Control

by George L. Stone

Order ... here

Accents & Rebounds

by George L. Stone

Order ... here

The Moeller Book

by Sanford A. Moeller

Order ... here


The Art of Ancient Rudimental Drumming DVD

by N.A.R.D. President, Mark Beecher

(This is an Official N.A.R.D. product)

Order @ beafifer.com ... here

For purchasing ancient drum manuals from 1780 -1869 such as:

1780 - Young Drummer’s Assistant by Longman & Broderip

1810 - Hazeltine Instructor

1812 - Ashworth System of Drum Beating

1817 - Art of Beating the Drum by Samuel L. Potter

1818 - Mass. Collection of Martial Music

1819 - Drummer’s Assistant by Lovering

1841 - Martial Musician by Rumrille & Holton

1861 - Keach’s Army Drum & Fife Book

1861 - Howe Drum & Fife Instructor

1862 - Bruce & Emmett Drummers & Fifers Guide

1869 - Strube’s Drum & Fife Instructor

-- please visit the Be A Fifer website by fifer Edmund Boyle ... here

Welcome to the N.A.R.D. Store!

Here you will find all the Official N.A.R.D. Merchandise you’ve been hankering for and you don’t need to be a member to purchase these items. Members, however, will receive rebates on all Official N.A.R.D. Merchandise.

Check it out ...