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N.A.R.D. News and Blog



10/24/15: Greetings ... N.A.R.D. Members & Friends!

FINALLY - a new update to this page!

As you can see, I've added a Facebook site for NARD, so please click on the link

 above to take you there, which you can continue to visit for more frequent NARD news

 and a place where you all can get to know each other better.

The most important NARD news I have worth mentioning,

 is that we will be releasing a new book -  

150 More Solos of the National Association of Rudimental Drummers

- as a follow-up to the original that has been out for decades.

 The only requirement for having your solo published

 in the new book, is that you must be a current member of NARD. There will be 

150 solos as before and participants will just be asked to submit short solos. 

Other news is that I am working on releasing a new official 

"NARD 26 StandardRudiments" instructional DVD and we will be re-releasing the 

old NARD Pewter Belt Buckle (same original design).

So ... please stay tuned for more cool things

 happening with NARD. We'd eventually like to work on having an annual 

NARD Convention, which would be a lot of fun ;-)

Anyway ... many thanks again for all of your continued support and may God Bless You All

 for the remainder of 2015 and into 2016!


 ~ Mark Beecher



                               Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (2009)!


12/31/08: A BIG thanks to all you “NARDians” out there who waited patiently for this website to finally launch! It took about 4 months of non-stop work to get everything ready in preparation for this moment, but here it is ... I hope you enjoy it! A special thanks to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit for life, love, truth & salvation; to my wife, Connie & son, Nick, for their love and patience; to my drumming “siblings” (and fellow N.A.R.D. members) - Andrew “Anj” Reamer, Lilli Beiduk Middlebrooks,

Steve Kirkpatrick, Bruce Reminger and Steve Gillespie (Steve G. supplied me with those few old N.A.R.D. artifacts that I was missing) - these awesome drummers are all a part of our new group,

The Troublemakers: Rudimental Drum Tribute to William H. “BIG” Reamer.

Along with Andrew (son of Wm. Reamer), we all grew up together under the guidance of our drum teacher, mentor and surrogate father,

the late William H. “BIG” Reamer - 4 time National V.F.W. Drum Champion, N.A.R.D. member, 1975 N.A.R.D. Presidential Nominee & examining judge, Drum Corps Hall of Fame inductee, and renowned drum & drumstick maker (as proprietor of Drummer’s Service) - to whom I owe my entire drumming career and dedicate this site, in loving memory.


Not only does 2008 mark the 75th Anniversary of the founding of N.A.R.D. in 1933, but it was also that same year, 75 years ago, Bill Reamer first began his drumming career.


Your President and humble servant,

Mark Beecher

Please visit our NARD Facebook site by clicking here